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Maximizing Recycling, Minimizing Costs

Box Resellers is your lower carbon and landfill-diversion partner. We help your Atlanta and surrounding area businesses achieve zero waste goals. Box Resellers utilizes our long-standing, established re-use markets to lower your company’s carbon footprint. Our cardboard recycling services allow you to generate revenue from your recycled materials.

We can also save you significant amounts of money when you purchase our top-quality reused boxes instead of new. Our owner, Daniel Moran, is personally involved in each consultation, guaranteeing that you receive the best possible service and pricing.

Beyond Cardboard: Comprehensive Recycling Solutions

Recycling one ton of cardboard saves trees and over nine cubic yards of landfill space, with the added benefit of lowering greenhouse gas emissions that occur during the production of new boxes. We also offer assistance with recycling hard-to-dispose-of items like polystyrene plastic film, PET strapping, hard plastic, baled cardboard, and other materials that can help your industrial manufacturing plant lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether you’re an Environmental Safety Compliance Officer seeking TRUE certification for your corporation’s manufacturing facilities, a Senior Buyer trying to save money and lower your business’s carbon footprint, or a Plant Manager incentivized to make your operations more efficient, Box Resellers will help you meet your zero waste goals. It’s time to join the cause. Help the Earth and your bottom line with recycling services from Box Resellers. Give us a call today.

Cardboard Recycling ServicesNear Me

At Box Resellers, we make the cardboard recycling process easy on you, so you can spend your time focusing on your business. Not only do our box recycling services give products a second life, they also help you save money. You won’t have to pay employees to bale the boxes on site. We’ll buy your high-quality used boxes from you, generating even more revenue for your business. Commercial box recycling is one of the smartest ways you can achieve your zero waste goals. Industries that receive several shipments per day or week end up with huge quantities of corrugated boxes that take up space. Through our commercial box recycling services, you can have these boxes removed quickly and easily at no cost to your company. If you notice cardboard boxes piling up, reach out to us before baling and recycling. To learn how you can save time, money, and the environment with our box recycling services, reach out to Box Resellers today.

Recycling CardboardWith a Mission

When Dan Moran founded Box Resellers in 2013, he already had a lifetime of experience in the industry. After working for his family’s box recycling business for decades, Dan started Box Resellers to make a positive difference for companies with manufacturing plants across the Southeast and for the planet as a whole. When a service improves your bottom line and helps the environment, it’s a win-win. Don’t find your company sitting on the sidelines in the fight of our generation. Make a real difference by lowering your carbon footprint with Box Resellers services.

Our Mission: To provide profitable alternatives to recycling and waste reduction.

Giving a box a second life cycle makes a significant difference on the scale that we provide. Our business model is based on reuse before recycling. The boxes that we recover for resale contribute to a circular economy and save the buyer money when compared to buying new boxes. If you’re in need of convenient box recycling services, contact Box Resellers today.

Buy & Sell Used Cardboard Boxes Near Me

We focus on meeting the recycling needs of industrial manufacturers by recovering top-quality boxes that can be reused. We handle all grades of recyclable materials generated from manufacturing facilities by pulling materials out of your waste stream. Box Resellers can also help you develop new market ideas for clean industrial materials currently being thrown away. If your facility is trying to reach a goal of zero waste, we can help, increasing your revenue in the process.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Box Resellers runs daily routes from Atlanta to Nashville, Atlanta to Greenville, Atlanta to Jacksonville, and Atlanta to Birmingham. Not on those routes, but want to save money on boxes? Don’t worry. We also offer LTL transfers and pickup from our Atlanta facility. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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Corporate RecyclingPickup Logistics

Recycling manufacturing waste is a must for any corporation with a zero waste goal or a lower carbon footprint goal. It can, however, pose a problem of time and space if you are trying to do everything in-house. Instead of losing production time by having employees gather, process, and drop off your manufacturing waste, partner with Box Resellers for efficient, effective, and reliable recycling pickup services. Getting the materials you need, or recycling them when you are done, should never feel like a chore. Let our specialists handle the job for you with our box delivery and recycling services. When it comes to hauling, nobody does it better than us. Our drivers are timely, professional, and skilled. We own all of our equipment, including a fleet of more than 40 trucks and trailers, which allows us to keep 53’ trailers at large facilities. Whenever you come across a cardboard box that can be reused, just toss it into the trailer. We’ll provide logistics for the pickup, saving you the hassle. Help our global neighborhood and save your company money in the process. No company is too big for our recycling services. Partner with Box Resellers and join the fight against climate change. To work out logistics that are tailored to your needs, contact us today.

FAQs:Corporate Zero Waste & Recycling Info

It’s good for you. As an industrial manufacturer, you know how many extra costs are associated with baling and disposal. But with our recycling equipment setup on your premises, you’ll never have to shell out to have leftover materials packaged up for disposal again.

It’s good for the planet. The more materials we can recover and reuse, the less we’ll be forced to draw on natural resources and deplete our planet’s forests. This creates a better future for the generations that will come after us. If your goal is to have zero waste, you need our services.

It’s good for your customers. If you’re paying to have your business’s boxes packed up and taken to a landfill, you’re likely passing on some disposal costs to your clients. But with our cardboard recycling services, it’s easy to keep your services affordable (and profitable!).

Reusing is about extending the life of an item in its current form, while recycling involves breaking down materials to create something new. Both practices are vital for reducing waste and conserving resources, but reusing is generally more energy-efficient as it doesn't involve the energy-intensive processes required for recycling. If you have boxes that are in good shape, contribute to the circular economy and reuse them before you recycle them.

Our boxes are extremely high-quality. In fact, they are often stronger and in better condition than new boxes. Generally, if you purchase new boxes, they are rated 32 ECT, 200 lb Bursting Test rating, with a maximum load of 40 lbs per carton. The used boxes that we provide, however, are significantly stronger. With a 44 ECT rating, 275 lb Bursting Test rating, and 65 lb maximum load per carton, our reused boxes are usually stronger than new.

On average, companies save 30-40% by buying reused boxes instead of new. For major corporations that may spend $10 million annually on new boxes, our services could save you up to $4 million! When you add up that savings with the benefits of reaching your zero waste goals, the choice between new boxes and reused is clear.
They sure do. That’s the nature of reused boxes. If you find yourself caught up on this, ask yourself: Who is seeing these boxes? Unless your answer is your end consumer, the print on the boxes doesn’t really matter. Take pride in your reused, printed boxes - they’re helping you save money and the planet!

Your free consultation includes a review of your current program, as well as your facility’s overall zero waste goals. Based on that information, we will determine the best way to optimize your recycling process while generating the maximum amount of revenue. Ready for your consultation? Call to schedule today!

We offer box pickup and box delivery services within a 250 mile radius of Atlanta, plus along all of our routes. We run routes daily from Atlanta to Birmingham, Nashville, Jacksonville, and Greensboro. If you’re not in the Atlanta area or along one of our routes, we offer LTL transfers.

With decades of experience, we draw on historical data for your company or industry so we know exactly when your busiest times of year are. We’ll schedule our pickups accordingly. We also pride ourselves on the relationships we build with plant managers. If you need a pickup ahead of your scheduled time, just give us a call and we’ll send one of our trusted drivers right over. 


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